ShowBox 5.36 .APK
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Latest version: 5.36
License: Free
Size: 35.45 Mb
Developer: Ivan Nichiporuk
OS: Android
Language: English
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ShowBox APK download

What is ShowBox APK 5.36 and how it works?
All cinema fans who want to watch the best films and series in various genres can use ShowBox as the best way to connect to the masterpieces of world cinema. Here you will find a tremendous amount of video content on-demand. It’s worth noting that here you can download the latest version of the program and enjoy all the updates. It is also worth saying that the app is not available in the Google Play application store, so you have our site to download it fast. We regularly test current versions of the program, and we can say that it is fully functional and can provide you with the best quality.

Further, we will tell in detail about all the nuances of the application and its benefits for all fans of cinema. It is worth noting that we recommend that you download the current version of the app to receive all the new functions and features. ShowBox APK 5.36 (Wikipedia) has stable music streaming and no buffering, so you should test it right now. You will get a great option that will suit you as a home theater.

We appreciate the attention of our readers. Therefore, we are ready to talk about all the nuances of downloading and installing the program so that no aspect remains incomprehensible to you. So we will show a step-by-step process through which you can use ShowBox as the best way to watch streaming movies and TV shows, as well as to download content.

How to download ShowBox APK 5.36?

This application is easy to use on your mobile device. You need to use our instructions to help you make the process as simple as possible. Here are some steps you need to perform:

      1. Use our link to download the program. The most current version is a better option.
      2. Next, you need to go to the settings and deactivate the smartphone’s protection that disables installing apps from “Unknown Sources.” It will help you to install the app without any problems.
      3. The option is deactivated after you come to the Security tab and find it in the corresponding section. It is worth noting that the procedure may vary slightly depending on the version of your Android device.

    Unknown Sources (ShowBox)

      4. Now find the app on your device and open it to start the installation option.

    Install ShowBox

      5. After a minute or less, you will be able to run it.

    ShowBox Installed

      6. Enjoy the best movies, shows, and series on-demand without paying monthly subscriptions.

Features of the latest version of the ShowBox app for android (5.36)

      1. It became smaller and easier to install.
      2. You should not pay for any function or content here. Forget about payments.
      3. Here you can watch whatever you want and upload videos on your device. It is also important when you don’t have a stable internet connection sometimes.
      4. The new app version includes music streaming, so you can enjoy the greatest songs for all times.
      5. You can also use sorting functions to find any type of content on-demand.
      6. Use any Android player (VLC, MX Player, KMPlayer, GOM Player or others) to enjoy videos & music.

What to do when ShowBox is not working? (Connection error)

Most of the time the ShowBox app works well. But what if something went wrong? How to fix errors?

      We strongly recommend allays to update this app. All fresh versions have bug fixes.
      If you already installed the latest APK and nothing happened, then check a few parameters
      Open Android settings
      Find ShowBox APP
      Single click on “Storage Options”. Now you have to clear Cache & Data
      Restart the app and enjoy!

Why Use Showbox?

Why To Use Showbox

Unlimited Movies And TV Shows
It’s better to use ShowBox because you can watch any video content on-demand for free. Most of movies and series are available in HD quality.

Free Forever
Free Forever ShowBox
ShowBox is a free app. You shouldn’t pay for anything. Use it when you want it.

Offline Streaming
You can view video content and download any films & series for free.

Automatic Updates
The ShowBox can update its version automatically. No need to search for the latest version though.

How to download and install ShowBox APK on PC and iOS?

In addition to the Android version, you can download ShowBox for ios. It is a great option for alternative viewing of content on demand. You can watch your favorite movies or TV shows at home when you want it. You only need to open our guide to viewing the process of phased installation of the program on various versions of operating systems. This will help you quickly connect to the file library and enjoy unlimited access to various types of content.

ShowBox Movies

Here you can not only watch videos but listen to music. Enjoy your favorite compositions and classic masterpieces of all time. It is worth noting that you can download the application and watch movies on Windows or Mac. It is effortless since we have a unique guide for this. But you need to follow the necessary links and see the complete guide to installing and running our program. Enjoy watching and get content for free.

Learn All About Showbox APK

Real cinema connoisseurs should not waste their time and money, making out expensive subscriptions and spending money on useless content. Thanks to this application, you can free of charge and get access to the best new masterpieces of cinema.

ShowBox Video

It is worth noting that this application is available on absolutely any Android device as well as on personal computers. To enjoy a blockbuster or family films, you need to use the search bar, some information in the movie, or rating according to authoritative sites. Let’s take a closer look at the nuances of this application so that you can enjoy all its advantages in practice.

ShowBox - 2

The Essential Features of Showbox

ShowBox is a real masterpiece among similar programs that have many exciting features. All the nuances of the application can be useful for film lovers as it simplifies working with video content. Let’s take a closer look at the various aspects so that there is no doubt left.

Download Now and Watch Later.

Many people are too busy during the day to watch movies and TV shows online. That is why you can download any video content to your smartphone or tablet to watch it later. It is a great option that will allow you to choose a comfortable time to enjoy the latest cinema.

There Is No Account Sign Up That Is Necessary.

There are no familiar accounts, registration, and email confirmation. Forget about these rudiments that take Extra Time and do not bring any benefit. Just install the application and open it for use. You don’t have to do anything else.

ShowBox PC

High-Quality Content.

Many people expect high-quality video and audio formats from such applications. That is why this application is ideal for all lovers of high quality. All content is available in HD quality, and all the nuances of special effects are not distorted by software file compression.

New content every week

The main advantage of the application is that here you will find any movie or series that you want. You can find old films from the thirties or the latest cinema that has just been shown in movie theaters. What you want to see depends only on you. It is worth noting that the application is a regularly updated database. It is updated with exciting films and updates.

Stellar Streaming.

Here you can enjoy streaming capabilities without buffering or artifacts on the video screen. You only need to choose what you want to see and enjoy the process. It is worth noting that there are no annoying ads or any third-party options that prevented you from viewing.

User-Friendly Search.

A considerable advantage is the ability to search for content in various categories or critical parameters. Here you can use the convenient interface that includes groups of settings and other parameters for a more detailed search. It simplifies the process of selecting the most exciting movie or series. Start video streaming and watch the latest cinema that you have long wanted to rate.

There are also curated sections such as Latest, Featured, Trailer, and Favorites.

This application is not available in official sources, so you have the option to download this program from third-party sites. Choose any Internet resource that seems reliable to you and proceed with the download procedure. Then you can enjoy all the movies and TV shows.

All features are free.

All films and series, as well as music content, are available for free. You just have to go into the menu and choose what interests you. No subscriptions or hidden charges are provided.

How to Download and Install ShowBox

As soon as you familiarize yourself with all the benefits and positive aspects of Showbox, you need to start the installation procedure. It is a simple process that does not take you much time. Follow the instructions correctly, and you will not have any difficulties during the installation of the application.

Step 1. Before installing the program on your Android device, you must make sure that you allow the installation of third-party applications from unknown sources. Therefore, you need to go to the settings of your smartphone and the tab with security. Next, you need to activate the installation of applications from unknown sources. Such an action will help you download and install absolutely everything you want.
Step 2. Find the app online and download it on your phone or tablet.
Step 3. Find the APK file in the Downloads folder.
Step 4. Start the installation procedure and accept Terms and Conditions. It’s simple, and will not take much time.
Step 5. Now you need to wait. It will not take much time.
Step 6. Enjoy ShowBox APK. Now you can use any option here.
Step 7. Regular updates will help you avoid errors or any problems with playback. All you need is to periodically update and enjoy new functionalities that will improve your user experience.
Step 8. Immediately after installing the application, it will take a little time to ship all the updates and interesting types of content for you. It will allow you to enjoy movies and TV shows in high quality and forget that you have ever experienced problems with video content.

Frequently Asked Questions About ShowBox

People care about various questions about using this application. Do I have to pay for the content? Are there any errors in the app and how to use all the features? Let’s check this out.

Q: Do I need to pay to watch all the movies and TV shows on ShowBox APK?
A: This app is free to use. You can save money and enjoy all options without subscriptions.

Q: Is ShowBox available to download from Google Play or the App Store?
A: No, you should use other sources to upload and install the app.

Q: Is ShowBox safe to view from my devices?
A: Absolutely true. Use any device to enjoy the app functions.

Q: Is ShowBox Legal?
A: No, because it provides all content for free. That is why it is not available at official stores.

Q: I heard that a person can run into legal trouble because of using Showbox. Is this true?
A: Even though copyright holders regularly try to block this application, you can still use it for free and without registration. You don’t need to worry about the legal aspects because you are not a party to stealing content. If you do not focus the police on watching movies and TV shows for free, you will never have a problem.

Q: How does Showbox work?
A: Showbox allows you to stream or download movies and TV shows. It uses torrent technology. 

Q: What is the quality of Showbox?
A: It depends on the content type. You can choose 360p, 480p or 720p. It’s all about Internet quality & speed you have.

Q: What do I do if I receive an “Error” message when trying to Install Showbox APK?
A: Since this application is unofficial, you will not be able to contact Google Play or any other service for clarification about various errors. For example, the video may not be available in your area, or the server may not work correctly. In any case, you should consider the VPN service as a way to solve several problems with video playback.
But you should download any VPN application and synchronize it with Showbox. Next, clear the application cache and run the program to watch movies and TV shows. In many cases, it can help you deal with various problems and enjoy video content. If possible, choose American servers in the downloaded VPN services.

Q: Will my movie streaming ever be interrupted when using Showbox?
A: In most cases, all video broadcasts take place without technical problems. Check your speed and internet connections. Also, you should periodically clear the application cache to avoid various difficulties.

Q: Are there annoying ads that will appear while streaming video on Showbox?
A: No ads. Not in this app.

Q: So what can I watch on Showbox APK?
A: Anything you want. Use categories & keywords to find what suits you best.

Q: Does Showbox have a subtitle feature?
A: You’ll have to download a third-party subtitle app to enjoy video in this way.

Q: Is it possible to save any of my selections from Showbox offline?
A: Yes. Click the Save Offline option and then select the video you need.

Q: What should I do if it is said the Showbox app is out of date?
A: It’s not a problem, but you should update your app. Thus, you can use the latest version without previous bugs or problems.

Q: What if my movie or show does not play in full screen?
A: If such a problem occurs for users, then go to the Quality Control section and deactivate the Use Internal Player option. After that, all playback problems should disappear. In any case, this application will provide you with the best content that can be found on the Internet for free. Enjoy watching and get a lot of positive emotions.

Read More About Showbox

Many people prefer streaming services that provide video on demand. It is a great chance to enjoy the latest cinema and the best world-class masterpieces every day. It is worth noting that one of the most exciting options is ShowBox. It is a modern, high-quality application that gives you full access to all the latest and classic films and TV shows. You just need to download the program to your device and enjoy free viewing. It is the best user experience you can get at the moment.

Why Choose ShowBox APK?

An excellent nuance is that it is a multi-platform application. You can download ShowBox to any device. In particular, each user can use Android, iOS, PC, or FireStick to watch high-quality movies and TV shows constantly. It is worth noting that the data streaming service is top-rated because it provides high-quality video and access to a huge library. You can also share content with other people or friends. Upload to the platform any video you want to make public for all people.

ShowBox Menu

Thanks to this application, you can save a huge amount of money and get the opportunity to become one of the first to see the best cinema masterpieces. It is the best option for those who want to stay in the trend of the modern film industry and receive content on demand. Enjoy watching videos in high quality and do not overpay for extra features.

ShowBox App Features

The most exciting aspect is that many people can’t even imagine how many options they can find in ShowBox. It is a great streaming application that gives you access to an incredible amount of content.
Here are just a few features that you should note:

  • Noregistration and free access to various types of content.
  • View any video on demand and download it to your device for offline viewing.
  • Additional functions for adjusting image quality.
  • Massive library with categories and sections for quick viewing.
  • Best user experience and minimal resource consumption.

Why Choose ShowBox Over Other Applications?

We all know that most streaming services are paid. It means that you have limited opportunities every day with sufficiently large pay. Why spend a family budget if you can use ShowBox? It is a completely free application that gives you access to a huge library of films and TV shows on demand. Here you can find absolutely any type of content that you like.

There are many culinary shows of interesting action films and any content on-demand that can satisfy your needs. You only need to choose the format that interests you. It is worth noting that a vast library has been created here with filters and categories that will help you find what you have been looking for for so long. It is worth noting that most of the videos are available in high quality, which is an indisputable advantage in modern times.

You can also download any movies and TV shows for free. It is not imaginary accessibility when files disappear after a while. You can completely manage all your data. Download files, change in the location folder on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy unlimited viewing. Here you do not need to ask permission from the copyright holders when and what you want to watch.


Many users experience a certain discord when they see the opportunity to watch movies and TV shows for free and not pay copyright holders. Of course, many streaming services provide a monthly subscription or paid access to each video. ShowBox works as a service that allows you to receive remote links to torrent trackers and view any content in high quality.

ShowBox is not the copyright holder and does not post data on its servers. Thus it is a legal right moment of functioning. The program works like Google search and does not provide direct content. However, users must take all responsibility realistically. Many countries have criminal penalties for copyright infringement. You must use this program at your own risk and be careful.

ShowBox Latest Update

You can download ShowBox v5.36 as the latest version. It was conducted in March of 2019 and has the 38.89MB size.
The version has several innovations and the correction of popular errors. Now you can count on smoother video playback, implementation, and full support for high quality. You can download this stable update from your previous version or directly on the site.

ShowBox TV Shows

All errors are maximally fixed, and the quality of listening to music is improved several times. Now you can access this free type of content and enjoy your favorite artists. Choose any genre or composition to keep abreast of modern musical trends. It is worth noting that the latest version has a reduced weight that many users will like. Now the program takes up even less space on your smartphone or tablet.

Installation Instructions for ShowBox APK for Android

We all know that Android is one of the most popular operating systems. Almost every modern user has a smartphone or tablet running Android. That is why ShowBox can become your digital unification in the world of films and TV shows. It is the best application that is very easy to download to your device.

First, you need to go to the settings of your smartphone or tablet and click on the Unknown Services button on the security tab. When I exit, activate the option, you can install applications from unknown sources. Next, you need to find the latest version of ShowBox and download it to your smartphone. Wait for this process to complete and initiate the installation. It does not take more than a minute.

Immediately after that, you can click on the icon that appears on the start screen of your smartphone or tablet. Watch any movies or series from different categories and enjoy free content. We guarantee that you will get a lot of positive emotions, and you can enjoy the best cinema novelties for free.

It is the highlight of the development team. Video content should be available for every user, and that is why this program is designed for everyone.

iOS Version

That stable version is only available on Android smartphones and tablets. If you want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on iOS devices, then you need to make a few manipulations. ShowBox currently has several problems with this operating system, so you have to do a few sequential actions.
First, complete the given list of actions:

      1. Download the vShare or AppValley app and use your PC;
      2. Connect your phone to your PC by USB cable;
      3. You need a jailbreak on your iOS device to use it;
      4. Search for ShowBox in the vShare app;
      5. Click on “Install ShowBox” and start watching video content.

ShowBox for PC

At the moment, there is no separate version of the application for Windows or macOS devices. Nevertheless, you can always use the Android emulator to install the APK file and enjoy all the features of the application. You can use the BlueStack emulator to go to the application store and install the program on your computer.

Ultimately, you will use the Android emulator and be able to run programs to watch videos and TV shows. It is worth noting that the program adapts to the resolution of your device and allows you to watch the video in high quality. It will enable you to get alternative access to ShowBox and get all the latest cinema news.

What About Questions About Age?

It is worth noting that this application does not use a system with registration or account creation. That is why you do not need to provide your personal information to third parties. Nevertheless, there are certain age restrictions that everyone should consider. When you start the application, you should note that you are already 18 years old, and you can view content in a specific format. It is done to rank video content and provide you relevant search results.

What if the Program Stops Working?

Any software may not have frequent crashes or difficulties accessing content. ShowBox is a reliable application that practically does not have any problems. Nevertheless, if you encounter problems in terms of functioning or access to content, you need to do a few necessary actions.

  • Open settings;
  • Find the ShowBox app and open it;
  • Click on “Storage Options” to clear data and cache;
  • Restart ShowBox and enjoy it.
In Conclusion

This article is for informational purposes only to tell you about ShowBox features and usage nuances. The authors of the report have no connection with ShowBox and do not represent their services. This information is created for educational purposes and will allow you to learn more about the program itself and the possibilities.

It is worth noting that the service does not contain pornographic materials or forbidden videos that can injure the psyche of people. It is worth noting that all video content is of high quality and meets various standards. Application developers have created special notifications in the upper right corner of the program that indicate several aspects.

In particular, the developers are responsible that this is unofficial software that complies with all legislation and maintains contact with copyright holders. That is why you watch movies and TV shows at your own risk. All videos and TV shows are not stored on application servers. Developers provide direct torrent links without violating copyright.